Up to 30% off standing desks with these bundles (limited time offer)

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    An average desk worker sits 8.9 hours a day, which for many is longer than they sleep. Perhaps you have heard it already, but sitting is ‘the new smoking’ with many negative impacts on our posture digestive system and many more. When it comes to start-up environments, the sitting periods are even longer, all of which may result in motivation and productivity decline.

    Google, Twitter, and other tech titans offer standing desks as part of their employee-wellness programme. Employees who sit and stand at work are up to 46% more productive.

    The HumbleWorks Standing Desks are:

    • Ergonomically designed (portable, flat-pack away, height adjustable)
    • Available for laptops and desktops
    • Made from 100% Eco-friendly wood

    We are currently running an exclusive offer with three packages:


    Package1. 15% OFF

    Total Package Value £283
    Included.co price £240

    1x Stan1
    1x Desk Riser
    + Free Laptop Stand (PC or Mac)

    Package2. 20% OFF

    Total Package Value £532
    Included.co price £425

    1x Stan1
    1x Stan2
    1x Desk Riser
    + Free Mac Laptop Stand
    + Free Laptop Riser

    Package3. 30% OFF

    Total Package Value £1039
    Included.co price £727

    2x Stan1
    2x Stan2
    2x Desk Riser
    + Free Mac Laptop Stand
    + Free PC Laptop Stand
    + Free Laptop Riser
    Shipping in the UK is free, £10 for Europe and £20 everywhere else.
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      HumbleWoeks is an industrial design collective . . . based in Shoreditch, London. With a passion for eco-friendly solutions, the company crafts products to improve wellbeing in the workspace.
      We create clean, elegant and portable products that enhance productivity and can be used on an everyday basis in design practices, offices, and homes.

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