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Refurbished MacBooks & iMacs

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    As official distributors of Apple products and affiliated accessories, we carry a large stock of refurbished, second-hand and boxed-and-sealed devices.

    If you’re looking for a device at a budget, grab this perk and we’ll contact you about your needs. From there we’ll prepare a shortlist of options at the great prices you’d expect from all included.co partners.

    All devices come with a 1 year repair warranty from ourselves too.

    Not looking for refurbished machines? You may be able to get 5% off brand new machines included with your coworking membership.

    Delivery is £40+vat to any included.co partner workspace in Europe; £75+vat to the United States and most of the included.co network, enquire below for more details on shipping to your city.

    *Average discount against new devices and other sources.

    Photo by Michail Sapiton on Unsplash

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    • Perk via Shoreditch Macs

      We are a professional Apple repair, refurbishing . . . and part-exchange service based in Shoreditch, London. We help you find affordable refurbished Macs that are perfect for what you need from a great range of new and reconditioned products, or save your devices from the brink with our whizz Apple repair team in London.

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