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    Upgrade your Coworking Perks & Benefits with a 10% lifetime discount on included Premium.

    included.co, who power 650+ perks programs like the one you’re using right now, comes in two tiers:

    included Core which helps coworking spaces get started with offering their members network-sourced and managed perks and deals.

    included Premium which helps coworking spaces take full control of their perks partnership programs with:

    • custom styling to match your brand,
    • adding exclusive & hyperlocal perks,
    • and stats and curation and more coming soon.

    Grab this perk, to get a recurring 10% discount when upgrading to included Premium.

    included Premium starts at $25 p/month for spaces with less than 79 members, and scales up slowly to make rewarding members affordable for spaces and networks of all sizes.

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      included.co unlocks savings & opportunities . . . for young businesses through the network effects of 100+ connected coworking spaces, incubators and business communities.

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    These perks and deals are negotiated for the members, and operators, of 778 online and offline business communities.

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