Crowdsourced resource directory launches for both members & operators of coworking spaces.

The health implications of COVID-19 have been scary and disastrous for many humans and communities all around the world.

The financial fallout that has begun to follow the pandemic is already creating (understandable) additional stress for many individuals, organizations and community coordinators.

We’ve seen a vast trove of support resources made available, or scheduled to become available shortly, from many governments, cities, institutions and others all across the world.

However, we’ve also heard how hard it is to find, discuss and engage/claim/request these resources sometimes.

The Coworking Library team have been hard at work over the last few weeks on a solution that could support the communities, businesses and humans both in and around coworking worldwide.

For weeks, we’ve been designing, developing, testing, re-designing and then rebuilding a global crowd-sourced directory of resources for humans, businesses and communities.

As the directory is crowdsourced, it relies on, and rewards those who contribute or share resources with the wider community.

So if you’ve got a spreadsheet, notepad document or other list of local or regional resources, now’s the time to get involved and share these resources with the communities. 

Head over to to share or find local resources.

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Full-disclosure: is a proud launch supporter of The Coworking Library, and Hector Kolonas, the author of this blog post and founder of, is also the tech cofounder of the Coworking Library and the developer of the online directory platform.

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Hector Kolonas

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