Convo 3: coworking managers, marketers and friends just discussed event ideas.

The 3rd Coworking Convo topic was “What are some low-cost, high-impact events for coworking spaces?”, and a whole bunch of amazing coworking folks joined in for a free and open 1 hour call to chat all about it.

The second topic was leveraging LinkedIn for Coworking Spaces and the first/pilot was about Yelp as a marketing tool.

During the call we all discussed some of the reasons behind putting some effort into event scheduling, from marketing to new members to enhancing the internal culture of a community to building relationships with surrounding or nearby businesses.

Some of the ideas that were shared included (pun not intended) things like member potlucks, a wide variety of ‘-bar’ type events (eg yoghurt-bar, nacho-bar, etc), Office Olympics, workshops, member-led meetups and panels. I also shared our 3 fav types of engaging events for coworking communities.

I also hinted about our pilot for included partner communities to mark themselves as ‘open for pop-in suggestions‘ which would allow vendors to pitch community operators sponsored or branded event ideas.

For more info on these, reach out to your closest included ambassador or ping us a message.

Participants also chatted about questions around handling low member engagement, slight conflicts between member businesses, how to handle externally hosted and paid-for events and more.

Whilst this summary wasn’t very thorough, the calls definitely are.

And so, I’d definitely recommend joining us for the next Convo (Fri, December 6, 2019 @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST) which is all about pulling together a beautiful member wall.

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