520,000 more coworking members in 2019

deskmag estimates that coworking spaces will support over 2M members by end of year

The first batch of findings from deskmag’s 2019 Global Coworking Survey have been released in a beautiful 65 slide presentation, and they show some very interesting trend data.

I’ll run through some number that caught my eye, but definitely grab the whole bundle if you’d like to geek-out about how coworking is shaping out in 2019.

This is up from 1,650,000 members ( 31%) and 18,700 spaces ( 19.8%) by Dec 31st 2018, and doesn’t take into account traditional business centers or coffee shops.

For historical reference, back in 2015 it was reported that there were 545,000 members across 8,900 spaces. So in 2019, almost more members joined (or will join) a coworking space, then there were IN TOTAL in 2015.

Think about that for a second.

It also seems that many spaces are really nailing their value propositions, with members planning to leave their current space less than in 2017 and 2018.

This is up from 2018’s 55% ( 5%) and 2017’s 54% ( 6%), but not as high as 2016’s 65% responses. 8% of members did say that they were leaving their coworking space within the next 3 months, but this is also down from responses in 2018 and 2017 where 9% ( 1%) and 11% ( 3%) respectively.

Brand (or community) loyalty also differs based on the continent, with just 33% of responding members in Asia not planning on leaving their current space as compared to 65% in Europe and 68% in North America.

However with multiple ‘yes’ options allowed, 30% ( 3% from 2018) of responding spaces are planning to expand through more desks and/or space in their current location; 8% (no change from 2018) plan to move to another larger location; and 36% ( 1% from 2018) plan to open another location.

The full 65 slides of data includes fascinating stats and figures about the share of new members, the average age of coworking spaces and their current business situations, market saturation and more.

Be sure to check out deskmag’s full breakdown, grab the free pdf download and keep an eye out on our twitter for when they’ve added this year’s e-booklets to the coworkingstatistics stash(10% off via included.co).

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